~ Tui Citrus Food, 1.5kg bag

~ Tui Citrus Food, 1.5kg bag
  • Specially formulated for the growing and fruiting needs of all types of citrus
  • Additional magnesium essential for green, healthy growth and the production of chlorophyll in the photosynthesis process
  • High in potassium for enhanced flowering and fruiting
  • Trace elements to correct soil nutrient deficiencies and improve nutrient uptake
  • Dig into the soil at planting time
  • Side dress established trees around the drip line in early spring and when fruiting has finished
  • Suitable for all types of fruit trees
  • Not suitable for citrus in containers, patio pots and tubs. Garden use only
N–P–K  5–4–7 + S, Ca, Mg & trace elements