~ Tui Strawberry Food, 1.5kg bag

~ Tui Strawberry Food, 1.5kg bag
Tui Strawberry Food is a balanced blend of nutrients designed to encourage fast establishment and growth of strawberry plants. Tui Strawberry Food makes plants stronger and more disease resistant, while increasing fruiting potential for large, succulent strawberries.
     ~ Replenishes nutrients to encourage healthy growth.
     ~ Also suitable for raspberries and other berry varieties.
     ~ N-P-K 3-6-5 + sulphur, magnesium, calcium, trace elements and blood & bone base.
Directions for use
When planting:
    ~ When planting apply 300g (approx. 1 cup) per square metre of garden.
    ~ Mix thoroughly into the soil and plant as per label instructions.
    ~ Water in well after application.
Established plants:
    ~ Apply 15g (approx. 1 tablespoon) per plant, around the base of the plant.
    ~ Water in well after application, taking care to wash any product off the plant foliage.

Not recommended for use in pots and containers.