Frequently Asked Questions

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If I buy your product where does the money and profits go and how does this help prevent suicide? There are many organisations out there trying to prevent suicide, how is yours any different?

Most of the organisations that are out there, such as Mike King’s “I am Hope”, are all good organisations, but the majority of the money only goes towards counselling people and to help pay for counselling sessions. Second Chance was started by a group of people that dealt with survivors of suicide and their families and it was found that most of the people that survived or that went through counselling wanted one common thing ... and that was something to get up for in the morning, e.g. a job. Second Chance helps by providing jobs and the money made through selling its products goes towards paying wages.

How do I make payment?

At checkout through our website:

To use a payment option click the circle to the left of the option you want to use. It will highlight orange.

Option 1: POLi is a form of internet banking which allows you to make a payment using money straight from your bank account. You need to be registered for POLI to use this option. It will ask for your bank details and password. If you're not registered with POLi you cannot use this option. Air NZ and The Warehouse use POLi on their websites. 

Option 2: PAYSTATION. If you wish to pay by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) please choose the second option which is Paystation. This will direct you to a secure PAYSTATION site where you can enter your card details.

Option 3: Bank deposit. This option allows you to pay later by internet banking (see account numbers below) or by other means (cheque/cash).

Other payment options: If you want to make an order by phone, payment can be made by cheque, cash, or internet banking, or we can take Visa or Mastercard over the phone by calling us on 0800-28 99 66 (0800-buyzoodoo). Please note; we do not have eftpos.

For security, if paying by cheque, make your cheque payable to ‘ZooDoo', cross it 'not transferable' and strike out 'or bearer’.

For payment by Internet Banking the account numbers are:

Auckland customers: 06-0549-0147309-04

Wellington customers: 06-0549-0147309-00

Nelson customers: 06-0549-0147309-12


How much does ZooDoo cost?

Recommended retail for Auckland, Wellington and Nelson is $8.50 per bag, discounted by 5% for orders over ten of any combination of our orange dot products (not including sheep pellets and peastraw which are a flat rate - please see pricing on our home and delivery pages).

Each area has a special from time to time. Please click on your area in the Shop to see prices and specials.

Where is ZooDoo available?

ZooDoo's free home delivery service covers Auckland, Wellington and Nelson.

How many bags do I need to order for free home delivery?

A minimum order of any two bags for free home delivery. There are some homes in Wellington that have difficult access and may be charged a delivery fee. If you have a difficult access please ask.

Where will bags be delivered to on my property?

Delivery points are by garage, carport, front gate or letterbox … because of new health and safety regulations we are unable to ask the driver to take bags too far or up too many steps. If you are unsure please ask.

What if I'm not home?

No problem. If you can't be home for your delivery just tell us where you want the bags stacked on your property, eg: by garage, in driveway or by letterbox. We keep your delivery instructions on file so you only need to tell us once (unless you want them updated).

How long will it take for my delivery?

Deliveries are usually done within a week of receiving your order, sometimes next day depending on our schedule and what suburb you are in and we will email you with your booking so you know what day to expect delivery. In Auckland our standard time frame for delivery is between 8am and 3pm and in Wellington it's between 10am and 6.30pm. You don't need to be home for delivery (unless you have locked security gates or a dog, or something like that).

What size is the bag?

Compost is 40L which is similar to the large bags you see in garden centres. Imagine 20 x two litre ice-cream containers. Rose Mulch and Terracotta & Tub Mix are 22L each (11 x two litre ice-cream containers). Bark Nuggets come in 40L bags (20 x two litre ice-cream containers) and Bark Mulch comes in 50L bags (25 x two litre ice-cream containers).

What area will a bag cover?

One 40 litre bag of ZooDoo covers approximately one square metre with a 4cm to 5cm covering.

Can I plant straight into ZooDoo?

Yes. All ZooDoo products are well composted and sterile and will not burn roots.

Is ZooDoo smelly?

ZooDoo has a pleasant and sweet smell, it has a friable texture and is easy to handle.

Can I buy a trailer load?

No, sorry. Unlike other composts, which are left outside in piles exposed to the rain where leeching of the nutrients occurs, we cover our piles during composting then bag the product immediately, locking all the nutrients in the bag until you are ready to use it. This is why we don't sell by the trailer load. We see ourselves as producing a boutique compost.

Does ZooDoo contain weeds?

The hot method of composting we use kills diseases and most weeds though, more often than not, the weeds that do come up through the herbivore feeds are edible and, at times, useful.  We cannot guarantee that it is 100% weed free, however the weeds you may get should be easy to remove. If you already have weeds in your garden ZooDoo will make them grow bigger.

Can I grow veges in ZooDoo Compost?

Yes, ZooDoo is ideal for vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables as it is high in nitrogen.

What are your bags made from and can they be recycled?

Our bagged garden products come in bags made from Virgin resin, which is a blend of LLDPE and LDPE and a white masterbatch.  LLDPE and LDPE resins have no nasty chemicals in it, even when burnt.  This material is acceptable for soft plastic recycling through participating stores (e.g. local supermarkets).  We do suggest washing the bags if you were to put them in to the soft plastics recycling. For further information and to find your nearest collection centre, please look here:

We also re-use them, we are currently building a stock pile so we can use them to repackage smaller bag amounts. Let us know if you have some and we'll pick them up on your next order.

What are your sheep pellets made of? Do the sheep pellets have an NPK analysis?

Sheep pellets are made of pelleetised sheep manure and wool waste. The NPK ratings are a bit variable, but in general they average out to 3-1-2

Why is ZooDoo measured in litres, not kilo's?

ZooDoo is measured in litres because its variable moisture content can make a difference in weight.

Will ZooDoo help to keep cats off my garden?

Sorry, we can't answer that as a yes or no, some of our customers tell us it does and some say it doesn't.

What is the slow release fertiliser in the tub mix and rose mulch?

Nutricote, a controlled 8-9 month slow release fertiliser.

What happens to the manure if an animal is sick?

The manure from any animal that is sick or on any medication/antibiotics is excluded from our composting and manure is only taken from animals that are well and showing no signs of illness.

Is ZooDoo available through garden centres?

Yes, ZooDoo Compost is available from selected garden centres and from the Wildzone Gift Shop at Auckland Zoo. If you plan to purchase ZooDoo Compost through a retailer we suggest you phone them first to make sure that they have stock available.

Auckland Zoo (tel 360-3800)

Auckland: Kings Plant Barn, St Lukes (tel 846-2141)

                 Kings Plant Barn, Takanini (tel 298 3736)

Wellington: Mitre 10 Crofton Downs (tel 479-8765)

What is the free home delivery area for Auckland?

The Auckland free home delivery area extends roughly from Long Bay on the North Shore through to West Harbour, Swanson, Waiatarua & Parau in the West, and all central suburbs through to Howick & Manukau in the South. Minimum order requirements may apply to some addresses and rural addresses may incur a delivery fee, please ask us if you’re not sure. If you are outside our free home delivery area we are happy to deliver to a friend or rellie within, on your behalf.

What is the free home delivery area for Wellington?

The Wellington free home delivery area covers all Wellington suburbs and as far north as Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast & includes Eastbourne, Wainuiomata and Upper Hutt in the Hutt Valley. Minimum order requirements may apply to some addresses and/or a delivery fee to rural areas may apply. Please ask us if you’re not sure. If you are outside our free home delivery area we are happy to deliver to a friend or rellie within, on your behalf.

nb: There are some homes in Wellington that have difficult access and may be charged a delivery fee. If you have a difficult access please ask.

What is the free home delivery area for Nelson?

The free home delivery area for Nelson goes as far South as Richmond and North as far as Atawhai.

Where is ZooDoo located in Wellington?

There is only one entrance to our site. Please see the map for directions on how to find us.