Tui Bulb Food, 1.5kg bag

Tui Bulb Food, 1.5kg bag
    • Specially blended fertiliser for beautiful blooms in spring and summer
    • Phosphorus and calcium for strong, healthy growth
    • Potassium for improved flowering and enhances flower colour
    • Trace elements to correct soil nutrient deficiencies and improve fertiliser uptake
    • Calcium for strong, healthy plant growth and bulb health
    • Dig into the soil at planting time
    • Side dress bulbs when first flower buds appear and again when flowering has finished
    • Suitable for spring and summer flowering bulbs
    • Allow foliage to die down naturally as this improves bulb size and flowering next season
    • Not suitable for bulbs in pots and containers. Garden use only

    NPK 2-5-6 + S + Ca + Mg +TE