Compost (40 litre bag)

Compost (40 litre bag)

Hoof stock (giraffe, zebra, elephant, bison, antelope, llama and rhino) manure, and bedding straw is collected from the Auckland and Wellington zoo's and shredded, then put into piles before being covered with black plastic so that it heats to high temperatures.

This hot method of composting kills weeds and diseases, sterilising the compost.  Every two days the piles of compost are turned and, after approximately two and a half weeks, the compost is mixed with aged bark fines, and packed into bags ready for use.  The end result is a sweet-smelling, easy to handle, quality compost-high in nutrients.

ZooDoo is great for vegetables and general garden use. It is well composted and you can plant straight into it.